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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  July 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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marshall. the humidity is 90%. across the state, it doesn't look much better yet. 75 frederick and 76 in chester toub but big improvements this afternoon. it will be as warm as we should be. well away from 100 degrees. upper 80's, mid 80's. >> like winter. >> a chance of scattered storms, still humid. i think the best of the weather is coming tomorrow. we will talk more about that in the forecast. >> good morning. everyone. we are tracking an early morning problem in northbound hempstead at 482. lane closures with a fuel spill. baltimore street and 140 in tawneytown some fire department activity. pretty good on the rest of the roads. 57 south on 95. 55 north side, 47 over toward the west side when we will see a delay in about an hour or so.
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good on j.f.x. and harrisburg expressway checking out fine. here is a live look and we will show you what it is like at 795 and cockeysville, southbound traffic moving well toward the beltway. we will switch to a live view of 97 south of the beltway. north and southbound equally smooth. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> our big story, the search for an infant and 16-year-old girl who had been taking care of him. ki'yauhn birch and jonae boozer were last seen friday afternoon. george lettis live outside baltimore city headquarters with what authorities know so far. >> police have questioned a few people including the boy's father who admits leaving the baby with a teenager. the child was last seen in the 1100 block of hrepbd hurst street with jonae boozer. ki'yauhn birch's father charles birch arrived late it a prayer
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service because he was with pa being questioned about the disappearance. ki'yauhn birch was staying with his father friday but birch left him with pwzer and acquaintance he says he barely knowles. >> do i know the whereabouts or am i lying about him and telling me i'm lying about it, you know. the police keep getting on my nerves. >> this guy just magically appeared and walked off with the baby and don't like he know nothing. >> an amber alert hasn't been issued because this do not fit the criteria mainly because there is no vehicle description or tag information. however, police have received a tip that boozer may be in a prince george's county or montgomery county area of the state. if you have information call
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baltimore city police. we are live at police headquarters, george lettis, wbal tv 11 news. >> two are recovering after a shooting in randallston near chapel dale and stansfield road. it is unclear what led up to the shooting. fire forced several people from home in southwest bullet. it started sunday morning in the 4200 black of connecticut avenue. one woman was alerted by a smoke detector and got everyone out. the cause is yet to be determined. fire officials are working to determine what caused an industrial fire in curtis bay. more than 100 firefighters were called to kauffman product manufacturing company saturday. that is located in the 3800 block of curtis avenue. tears and tears in new york state on the first day same-sex marriage is legal. many who waited years for the opportunity started lining up
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midnight sunday. it is called one of equality and nondiscrimination. he says allowing gay marriage will ensure couples have rights such as inheritance, hospital visitation and insurance. many attended rallies protesting in several cities. one against the law resigned from being town clerk in one town. she cited religious convictions and quit because she didn't want to sign the licenses. >> it would be going against my principles and conscience and faith. >> another clerk in a nearby town resigned because of the same opposition. >> here in maryland the topic of same-sex marriage is heating up. governor o'malley says he plans it make it a priority the next general assembly. he says he will focus on preserving equal protection under the law and protecting religious freedom. some clergy members disagree. >> we are not opposing any
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or individual. our position is not to oppose but it defend and my position is to defend marriage, traditional marriage. >> the governor says he hopes to shape the maryland legislation similar to the law in new york. >> all eyes are on wall street after debt talks broke down over the weekend. overseas markets were down as lawmakers try to come up with an agreement. this is nikole killion with the latest. >> u.s. leaders wanted a deal by now to reassure investors but that didn't happen prompting concerns about how the market may react. wall street opens this morning with no resolution over the debt limit. >> the most important thing is we remove this threat of default from the country for the next 18 months. very important. >> with an august 2 default line only a week away democrats and
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republicans have rival plans. >> there will be a two-stage process. it is not physically possible to do all of this at one step. >> after pulling out of talks friday john boehner is unveiling his own measure for a short-term increase in the limit but after a sunday night meeting at the white house congressional democrats rejected it. >> a short-term extension of ceiling will jeopardize our economy. >> i understand why they are saying they won't sign a short-term but i think that they won't have any choice and thank is the only answer right now. >> in a statement hear reid called the plan a nonstarter and is working on an alternative. to administration trying convince markets it won't default. >> this is hard to do and you want to take this out of politics. you don't want politics messing around with america's credit. >> no comment from boehner's office on the proposal. he is expected to meet with
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g.o.p. cheeks later today to talk strategy. >> that brings us to the you think an agreement can be reached before the august 2 deadline. send an e-mail to 79 degrees. gunfire at a skating rink birth did i party. what may have prompted a father to open fire on his wife and family members. the woman accusing the former i.m.f. leader of rape speaks out. this is the beltway at wilkins avenue. avenue. "traffic pulse 11"
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so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. you sure clean up nice. yes i do. [ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy it a little more with charmin ultra strong? and to help feel fresh and clean, try charmin freshmates. >> welcome back to "11 news today." it is 5:09 and it is 83 degrees outside. that is the temperature at the inner harbor. not much of a difference from over the weekend. it is still very warm and
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employing but changes are on the way. a cold front is heading toward the area and even out ahead of that we have a better chance of storms. there are storms south of eastern shore mainly on the virginia side and toward ohio and western pennsylvania showers are developing. potential for some wet weather today. however, we are looking forward to this cold front because it is going to mean a drop in the humidity and that will be noticeable heading into tomorrow. even today we are expecting temperatures to be back to normal. lower 90's and upper 80's for some. we will talk more about how long this nice weather will last in the forecast. >> covering the nation, six are dead after a father opens fire at his son's birthday party in texas outside dallas at roller skating rink. the man was attending the party and began shooting striking eight before killing himself. the wife had taken out a against him in
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the past. the maid accusing dominic strauss-kahn is speaking out saying she wants the former i.m.f. leader to go to jail saying he sexually assaulted her. she never wanted to be in believe eye but had no choice. he is scheduled to appear in court next week. the d.a. says it is investigating the case. they are concerned about credibility issues with the woman's story but haven't made a final decision. now to the autopsy on amy winehouse will happen today probably. her body was found saturday in her london apartment. her father said in a statement it has -- the family has been left bereft by her loss. 79 degrees on tv hill at 5:11. the west could be best when it comes to job search being. and suffering from buyer's
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>> good morning to you. let's check the commute. there are some problems. northbound hempstead by pass has closures at 482. there is an accident and fuel spill. so watch for that to impact your morning. tawneytown baltimore street and
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route 140 some fire activity that may set you back. we are doing well. five minutes on southbound 95 from 895 to fort mchenry. only eight minutes to the harbor tunnel from 895 south from the 95 merge. on southbound 95 from the beltway southwest to 32 only an 11-minute ride. we will look outside and this is 795 away from us is southbound traffic and moving well. no problems to report over to a live view of 97 north and southbound to and from 50 heading out to the bay bridge, problem free there as well. now let's get the latest of the buses and trains. >> right now we have a couple of bus diversions. 36 line continues to be diverted at washington boulevard and monroe. 58, 60 at clarks lane and 20 at fayette and caroline for construction. light rail problem free and
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camden 10 and marc train all reporting no delays. for the m.t.a. transit team, back to ava marie. >> it is still a very steamy start to the day and we have the potential of showers. some developed in southern maryland overnight and are along the eastern shore mainly out of the maryland area but down along virginia holding together with downpours. you can see the speckles coming it across west virginia. this could head our way through the afternoon. we can see what we are expecting. here is the cold front. it is hard to pick it out because there is not precipitation along the whole front but there is some enhancement coming through the upper tier of the great lakes and showers in ohio and western pennsylvania. this is the potential for us today that there could be some showers and storms especially into the afternoon. we get the daytime heating and things are more active. we can use the rain and this
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rain means that there is a change in the weather coming. thankfully aware getting away from the extreme heat we saw this weekend as we set a couple of records with temperatures in the low 100's. behind the front we will see an area of high pressure and this will come with much drier air so it will feel better and not going to be nearly as hot. the worst of the heat has shifted back national central plains and there is an area of heat out toward the carolinas. as for us the front will be the dominant weather feature today and will increase the chance of rain in the area. behind that that will be the that we're looking forward to. let's put the future cast in motion to see what will happen. notice how it picks up on the potential for rain in the with respect mountains this morning and then toward the afternoon things become more scattered meaning there could be scattered showers and storms about anywhere. we clear out once the front moves through tonight. tomorrow looks great with
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sunshine and low humidity. look at the temperatures. we start 75 garrick, 83 downtown. harbor very humid start. it stays humid today but the temperatures back to where they should be, upper 80's to low 90's. scattered thunderstorms in the forecast through the evening. they clear out tonight. tuesday is great, more sunshine. it will be so much drier. although 91 is warm, it will feel much better. late in the week the heat and humidity return. >> in our consumer alert the cost of an easy pass transponder is about to be cut more than half. the consortium that runs the toll collection has agreed it lower the cost of them from more than $2 to $8.90 but that will be offset by a planned hike in praises. maryland sells about 169,000
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units a year. the blockbuster may be hanging around now that a sale has been through. dish acquired it in a $320 million deal. it plans it keep open more than 90% of the stores that made it through bankruptcy. in addition, black buster has a new d.v.d. and video games by mail planned aimed at netflix customers. that discount coupon is about to expire and you are not going to use it so what do do you with it? we have an answer. >> it is happening a lot. frequent purchaseers of e-deals the consultant coupons from would be sites like groupon and living social. >> more than 20% of people who purchase them are not using them. >> allison senior writer says most coupons have an expiration date and that a lot of the time purchasers of them allow them to expire for pretty practical
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reasons. >> maybe you bought it 230r a romantic restaurant but broke up with the girl and don't want to go there any more. or maybe you got a groupon to go to a nightclub in san francisco but you find i'm not going on that business trip. i don't need it. >> there are would be sites to resell them but can't be used before speicher. deals go is one. >> you can take this coupon and list it and sell. >> the website may charge a fee for the listing but at least recouped. is recountdope >> businesses and groupon and living social want people to redeem these coupons much like retailers want people to redeem gift cards. >> with some 400 e-deem sites available look for the coupon resale market to grew, too. >> the west could be best in
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terms of job searching according to new data. it shows states in the north, east and south have higher levels of unemployment than out west. north dakota averaged the least time for people out of work with 7.6 weeks followed by south dakota, montana and alaska. people were out of work longest in south carolina, about 29 weeks. the good news is maryland has a 6.8% unemployment rate which is third lowest among states in the east. the national average is 9.1%. investors are tracking events in washington. jane king has the bloomberg business report. hope you had a good wind. >> hello. i did. looks like a rocky start on wall street today. futures planning a sharply lower open about 100 points on the dow. lots of worry about a possible u.s. debt default after they failed to reach a debt deal.
5:22 am
i think people thought they were going to get something done off the weekend. if the futures hold they are looking at 90 to 100 points lower. a mixed close friday ahead of the talk from washington on the budget and raising the ceiling. food inflation may be worse than the government forecast. an economist at purdue says surging meat, grain and dairy prices may mean inflation will be higher than 3% to 4% predicted. you may have noticed gas prices creeping up. triple a says prices in baltimore averaging $3.70 for a gallon of regular. two cents higher than last week and nine cents higher than a month ago. back to you. >> what are you hearing about duncan brands going head to head with starbucks? >> the coffee war is here and they hope to tackle starbucks.
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i will have more on that next. >> the time is now 5:22 and 79 degrees on tv hill. the battle it stay cool, the unusual contest that awarded somebody a brand-new air conditioning unit. email us your answer to the water cooler question of the day. agreement off the debt ceiling can be reached before the august 2 deadline? share it with or
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use rid-x once a month and help save yourself from disaster. rid-x. number one in septic maintenance. >> several people in northern wisconsin say they were ready to stand outside all weekend for a chance at a free air conditioning unit. the contest called survival of the coolest got under way friday. 15 people joined in the fun and they had to keep one hand on the unit at all times. they couldn't sit duped only had
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a five-manipulate break every four hours. >> i have water, a blanket. i was not sure of the rules. i thought we could sit down but apparently night. i have time. >> the lucky winner of the air says it will nit be professionally installed in their home for free. it is new 5:26 and 79 degrees on tv hill. a boater missing off the eastern shore and the latest on search efforts. >> we have new information in the case of a missing baby boy in baltimore city. >> the man accused of going on a shooting rampage in norway is scheduled to make his first appearance in court. hy he requested the open hearing. >> we are seeing a warm start but it will be much better in the afternoon. i will talk about why and how long that will last. >> still tracking an accident in hempstead. we will update you on what to
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>> good morning. welcome back to "11 news today." i'm mindy basara. does it feel cool are outside yet? >> a little bit. i don't know. mentally i am going there. we are trying to think cool. but it is still so humid and i think that is what makes it so
5:30 am
warm. i still used my air condition are on the way to work because it is so humid. it won't be as bad as where we have been but the humidity is still going to make it uncomfortable into the afternoon. we are starting to of warm, 79 at the airport, 90% humidity right now and we should be in the low 60's or mid 60's for the overnight temperature. but nothing compared to yesterday. 98 was the high at the airport. we will be lower 90's to upper 80's. >> not a bad start to the commute. one problem in hempstead. northbound hempstead bypass at some lane closures and fuel spill with that. so you may see delays as volume picks up. another problem in tawneytown baltimore street to 140 possible lane closures with fire activity. not a lot on the top side.
5:31 am
56 miles an hour, 53 over toward the west side. all the major roads including 95 leading up to the beltway no problems to report at this time. tunnel traffic moving well also. here is a look outside and right now on the west side southwest corner frederick good. volume is building toward us but not amounting to a delay. we will switch to belair road northeast corner and we are problem free so enjoy a quiet start. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> our big story the search for a missing infant and 16-year-old girl who was supposed to be taking care of her. ki'yauhn birch and jonae boozer were last seen friday. george lettis is live at baltimore city police headquarters with more. are appears detectives trying to get more information out of the missing boy's father who admits he left the baby with a girl he barely knows. more than two days since the infant son was last seen whitney
5:32 am
mcgee is trying to make sense of ki'yauhn's appearance. he was last seen on hrepbd hurst street with this girl. >> this guy just magically appear appeared and don't look like he know nothing. >> surrounded by loved ones mcgee prayed for her son's safe return. >> father there is so much going on and people don't want to tell the truth but lord we should it like it is. >> ki'yauhn's father arrived late to the prayer service because he was with city police being questioned about his son's disappearance? i know the whereabouts or am i lying about it? i told them i ain't lying about it, you know. they just concept -- you know how the police are? they just keep getting on my nerves. i keep telling them the same sang. >> ki'yauhn was allegedly
5:33 am
with his father but birch left him with boozer a teenage acquaintance he admits he barely knows. >> just watch him. make sure don't put something in his mouth. that is what i told her. she took him. >> this young lady has a unique look to her. a blond mohawk, piercing in her eyebrow, nose, lips. >> police have canvassed the area. family members have driven up and down lyndhurst and posted there's but there is no sign of boozer or ki'yauhn. >> it would be all right to put her somewhere. i'm not worried about her. i just want my son. that is all i want is my son. >> an amber alert hasn't been in the case because it dent fit the criteria mainly because there is no vehicle description or tag information. however, police have received a tip that that girl boozer may be
5:34 am
in the prince george's county or montgomery county area of the state. if you have information on the case you are asked to call baltimore city police. we are live at police headquarters, george lettis, wbal tv 11 news. >> a motorcycle crash takes the life of a pasadena man. he tried to avoid hitting another motorcycle before crashing in glen burnie. he died at the scene. authorities say he was not wearing a helmet and believe alcohol and speed may have played a role. the search continues for a 34-year-old man whose boat was found on the eastern shore saturday. andrew bauer was reported to be waring blue swimming trunks, no shirt and no life jacket. police are assisting the coast guard with the search. president obama and husband speaker john bane are keep up the debt ceiling and budget negotiations but so far no deal. a possible plan could volume about a trillion dollars in
5:35 am
spending cuts. bane are has a plan on the table that would lift the deficit by about a tralg dollars if congress fails to raise the imit by august 2 we could see rising rates. do you think an agreement over the ceiling can be reached before august 2? go it and facebook page or e-mail to >> covering the world, the man who confessed to two attacks in norway that killed 93 heads to court today. he requested an open hearing so he can explain the massacre. the prosecutors want it closed to the public and media. we continue to hear from survivors as we get the latest. >> young survivors sob in each other's arms. the prime minister tries to con them.ny
5:36 am
police and the red cross continue their search for the dead and those who survived tell of the horror they witnessed. the killing spree where a lone gunman was able to find for 19 minutes unchecked. seemed like he was just taking photos when he was shooting. >> what was he wearing? >> he was a state police uniform. and [inaudible]. >> and his expression was blank? >> completely blank. >> but he was shouting? >> yes. come back. >> come back to those swimming for their lives as he fired. many were hit. the water was the only place to hide. >> i started swimming on the shore and got halfway and got cramps because i had been lying so long in the water. so some of the homes saved my
5:37 am
life. >> so you were hiding in the water? >> yes. it was the only place to hide because all the others were full of people. >> hundreds had gathered here for a political summer camp a of the ruling labor party which the prime minister attended in his youth. >> what was my youth paradise has been turned into a hell for those involved. to meet the people that survived and people that got ashore. >> young people determined not to let this nightmare break them. >> it is important that we stay together and keep strong. you can't let a coward like that stop us. because going on to an island with only youth and securing and they have no way to escape, that is a cowardly act. >> 79 degrees on tv hill.
5:38 am
with the recent extreme temperatures we know the danger the hot sun can bring. we are talking about skin damage and cancer. in our medical alert why doctors say it is so important to get your skin checked by a professional. >> how about your morning commute? we are checking the roads and we have that accident in hempstead. we will update that and let you know if anything else is happening. happening. that is
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of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. >> it is 83 degrees at the inner harbor. it is very hazy and still a very humid start to the day. for that reason it is looking warm across the state. 79 b.w.:81 annapolis and 75 in frederick but it will be better
5:41 am
in the afternoon. we expect highs where they should be this time of year, around 90 in central maryland, 89 along the eastern shore. but with an approaching cold front we have a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening hours. behind that front you are really going it like what happens. we will see much drier conditions tomorrow. i will talk about that more in the full forecast. >> in our medical alert many of us are more conscious about skin cancer so much so many of us do self-checks but according to doctors you should never replace skin cancer screenings by a professional because with an untrained eye something can be missed like cancer in early stages. >> this is something we have the opportunity to do every day. you train your eye to pick them out. even if the patient is not concerned we may be concerned by it. >> for more on keeping your skin
5:42 am
safe from the sun like what to wear go to it is 5:41 and 79 degrees. even with extreme temperatures many are enjoying the summer. how you can share it with us. and buried alive two minutes. how a family brought a teen to safety. here is a live look outside. finally getting some relief from the heat today. we will tell you more in our forecast.
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>> good morning. to you. not bad on the major roads. just one problem of note in hempstead an accident being cleared. we will update that. northbound hempstead bypass at 482 and fuel spill with that. it may be slick in that area. baltimore street 140 in tawneytown fire department
5:45 am
activity and drive times not bad. five minutes down to fort mchenry from the 895 split and 10 minutes toward 32. here is a live view at old court and west side looking good. other than that disabled vehicle to the right shoulder. we will switch to key bridge and east side at the beltway looks great. we just got a check from ra viewer saying everything is smooth through the glen burnie area. that is the latest on traffic. now let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> right now we are looking at a delay on light rail with a 15 minute delay northbound direction so be prepared for the delay. bus diversions 36 line at washington boulevard and monroe and 58 and 60. we have the camden, penn and
5:46 am
brunswick lines problem free. for the m.t.a. back to ava marie. >> we are looking for the possibility of some wet weather in the area but that is great news as it means a change in the weather pattern. already we are expecting to get away from the extreme heat. the humidity will be dropping tomorrow. there were showers that developed south of southern maryland and moved along the eastern shore most of it staying out of maryland right now but not out of the question maybe a shower could pop up in some are set county in the next hour or so. then we will look for more showers to develop in west virginia and those are going to head toward western maryland. oakland could see a little wet weather to start. if away take a wide are view we can see what is happening. this is the first batch of moisture, another one building across the ohio valley. this is coming out ahead of our next cold front. the same one we are dying to get in the area because it will help continue to bring down the
5:47 am
temperatures and humidity. this front is starting to show up. you see the clearing in the cloud cover in lower michigan and wisconsin. that is the drier air. the large area of high pressure will manufacture in behind and bring pleasant weather tomorrow and next day. before that happens it is humid and we are waiting for the front to come through. we got rid of the heat but across the carolinas heat advisories are out appears they expect to be in the upper 90's and that has come back into the central plains, texas, missouri. obstetrical battling extreme heat and never got a break from it. just as we get the good news they are not enjoying that. we look for the chance of showers and storms as the front approaches. in with respect maryland as the front gets closer and throughout the day scattered storms could be possible throughout the area. biggest concern with any storms will be heavy downpours. but we can use the rain.
5:48 am
take it easy in the commute if you encounter a storm. then it clears out, beautiful conditions tuesday. high pressure, low humidity. lots of sunshine. we are looking forward to that. we deserve it after what we went through this weekend. still warm and humid today but typical heat and humidity. mid 80's in some areas, low 90's in others. memo cloudy, scattered showers and storms through the afternoon and into the evening. tomorrow and wednesday great. then the heat and humid creep back in late week. >> the latest on leisure diving people diving in the pool. thanks to you locals, down in the diminish condition republic. share your photos. looking at some top stories the search continues for a man whose
5:49 am
boat was found on the eastern shore saturday night. he was reportedly wearing blue swimming trunks, no shirt or life jacket. the natural resources police and state police are assisting the coast guard with that. two people are recovering after being shot in randallston near chapeldale and stans field road. and it is unclear what led up to the shooting. fire forces several people out of their home in southwest baltimore started early sunday morning in the 4200 block of connecticut avenue. one woman was alerted by a smoke detector the cause has yet to be determined. a california family learned digging a tunnel in the sand can be dangerous. for the second time in the past month a kefl teenager has been hospitalized after a sand tunnel collapsed. >> these are photos taken of the teenager digging a sand tunnel last night with her brother and nephew.
5:50 am
minutes before it collapsed. burying the 17-year-old from head to knees. >> my daughter went in to get sand out and the hole collapsed. >> this afternoon we caught up with her mother. near the spot her daughter was trapped for nearly two minutes. >> they pulled her out. she was blue. she was not breathing. her heart beat was really light. >> a bistander administered c.p.r. then she was taken to the hospital where she was released and expected to fully recover. >> i'm just grateful that i got my daughter back. >> this is the second northern california teen to be in a sand tunnel collapse in the last month. a 17-year-old was buried more than 10 minutes at a watsonville state park before rescuers could dig him out. according to his father he is it a per pet we will vulnerable takeoff state.
5:51 am
the types we tacked to say they heard warnings. still getting hurt is the last thing on their minds while at the beach. >> nice to come here on vacation and have fun and dig in the sand. i was buried in the sand earlier. >> the time is now 5:51 and 79 degrees. michael phelps is keeping busy at the world championships but could he bring home gold for the relay team? and we will look at one of the answers to the water cooler question of the day. a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> let's get to one of your answers. we asked do you think an agreement over the didn't ceiling with be reached before august 2. james says i have become an prince sieve by any deal. it is obvious the republican party is only concerned about balancing the budget on the back of those that can least afford it. after this passes the american people need to put representatives in place that have the best interest at heart. keep sending responses and we will read more the next hour and post them on our website. >> good morning. once again away say the end to the nfl lockout is near. the players association reportedly have agreed to the last of the issues holding up the contract. they are scheduled to meet with the player reps two-hand vote to
5:55 am
accept the deal. that manassas the ravens would start reporting to their complex by wednesday. the orioles off today after losing to the angels yesterday. check this out. when you are not going well here is what happens. bounce bounces over derrek lee. that is not easy. 3-0 angels in the fourth. the birds get back in it with one swing. adam jones off tyler chatwood. number 18 for him. five on this home stand. a new game. again the orioles bullpen can't keep it close. mike trout, this kid is 19 years old from millville, new jersey. 19 years old. his first major league home run. 6-2. then torii hunter hits his 271st big league home run. 8-2. 9-3 the final. nick more cakes later homered for the orioles but not enough. they are in toronto tomorrow
5:56 am
night. michael phelps is in shanghai for the world swim championships and it was not what you call a better than beginning. he swam the first leg of the 4-by-100 meter relay the first day and gave the u.s. a lead but the u.s. were beaten by australia and france. first time since 2007 the men lost a relay. michael is back in the pool today qualified in the 200 freestyle. a 17-year-old from north baltimore has also qualified in the 100-meter become stroke and we are just starting to hear this young lady's name. >> thank you rb, losing your ai midst of a in the heat wave. why some customers were left without power for hours. that is 6:04. a piece of the world trade center coming to the baltimore fire academy. details at 6:34.
5:57 am
white house worthy. why one teenage fashion hopeful may be decking out the first lady. >> we have a couple of thunderstorms showing up on h.d. doppler in southern maryland and with respect maryland. we will talk about where else we could see storms. >> we are looking at the morning commute and we will let you know how the major roads are shaping up. we have one accident of note in hempstead. we will update that as well.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> i'm george lettis. next on "11 news today" we have new information in the case of a missing baby from baltimore city. >> fiscal frustration over the


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